Calming Bedtime Routine for Kids Using Essential Oils

Updated: Sep 25

I think it's safe to say as moms we all have those days when we wake up and just know it's going to be a long one. We drink our coffee by the gallon and immediately start counting down the minutes until bedtime. It's okay, don't feel guilty, it happens to the best of us.

But we also have the days where we put the kids to bed and then spend an hour watching hilarious videos of them and scrolling through pictures wishing we could run in and wake them up.

Either way bedtime is bittersweet. This is the youngest and the oldest they will ever be, and being the sappy mom that I am, I like to hold onto these moments as tightly as I can. Ours starts with feeding the dogs dinner (because this is VERY exciting in a toddlers eyes), reading some books (this one is our favorite at the moment), taking all the Tupperware out of the cabinets, and then of course play tag (yes running around the kitchen island or chasing each other through the house). We like to get as much energy out before bed as possible!

Everyone swears by having a bedtime routine and although ours may be a little unconventional, it works for us and we love it! Between playtime, a full belly, and essential oils, this routine has been our saving grace for getting our little guy ready for bed and sleeping through the night!

Our Bedtime Routine

While dinner is cooking, I will typically get Jax's room ready for bed. I like to include Jax as much as possible in this routine, because he loves to be involved and it makes my life easier keeping him out of trouble and within eyesight.

The first thing I do is fill up his petal diffuser and depending on his mood/how he is feeling will determine what essential oils I diffuse. I typically start it for 4 hours and then I'll restart again before I head off to bed. I love to get the diffuser going before he goes to sleep so it's a little oil oasis by the time bedtime actually rolls around.

Here are some of my favorite combinations for his room:

The next thing I do is spray his sheets with an essential oil linen spray. This is his favorite part of his bedtime routine. I also spray this on my pillow cause it's just too good.

Linen Spray:

* 4 Ounce Glass Spray Bottle

* 6 Drops - Balance

* 6 Drops Cedarwood

* 6 Drops Juniper Berry

* Top with distilled water

Lastly, after dinner, I will get him into his pajamas and put his nightly oils on him. Typically, I apply the same oils, but will occasionally switch it up to keep his immune system stimulated and body supported. Since he is only 1.5, I make sure all oils are diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

(TIP: For all you oil mama's out there, the Target makeup pouches hold the perfect amount of oils!)

Here are some additional resources with more information on each of the following oils I mentioned above:

Recap: 3 Ways To Incorporate Oils Into Your Children's Nightly Routine

1. Diffuse -diffuse oils before bedtime and while they sleep

2. Apply Topically - apply oils topically to help support their bodies and immune systems

3. Linen Spray - spray their sheets with oils to help promote relaxation & calmness

I hope this information helps give you some ideas on how you can incorporate oils into your nightly routine for your little one! Be sure to follow along on my instagram as I share more oily tips and tricks or subscribe to my newsletter!



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