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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Now that the snow is melted and the rain has passed it's time to get outside! Every year I make a promise to myself and to Jax that we will do an activity outside every day the sun is shining. This year it is my goal to get 20+ hikes in by the end of August and I want to take you guys with me! Now I don’t know if that is ambitious or weak, but it sounds like a good number to me. Here are four of my favorite hikes in and around the Coeur d' Alene/Hayden area.

1. Farragut State Park - Shoreline Picnic Area Trail is an easy, well maintained 2.1 mile loop that takes you through the woods and along Idlewilde Bay. A little north of Coeur d' Alene/Hayden but well worth the 30 minute drive. This state park is filled with beautiful views, trails, and countless activities. Only being 5 mins from my mom's house, we tend to spend quite a bit of time up here come the warmer months and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I mean look at those views, it's incredible. If you are in the area or are looking to "escape" for the weekend, lace up those hiking shoes and adventure through Farragut. You won't be disappointed.

2. Mineral Ridge - This is a 2.5 mile highly trafficked loop that overlooks Coeur d' Alene Lake. If you are visiting or live in CDA, this is an absolute MUST. Clear an hour out of your schedule and just make it happen. It is a moderate hike, nothing extreme but also not a walk in the park. Luckily I had my fiance with me to carry Jax, but there are plenty of rest stops with benches so if you're carrying a little one or just need a breather, you'll be just fine! Bring water and some snacks to enjoy at the top, you'll want to soak in that view. Oh and if you have fur babies, dogs are also welcome on the trail too!

3. English Point is located up in Hayden off of Lancaster Road. It offers a variety of trails that are open to bicyclists, walkers/runners, horseback riders, and of course dogs. There are two sides, one side by the parking lot (with a bathroom) and the other across the street. Each trail is marked by color and there are maps at the trail head showing you the loops & the length of each one. I am still exploring the different loops, but recently did the red loop with one of my best friends. It is a beautifully well maintained 1.6 mile loop that takes you across little bridges and through the woods. Great place to take the kids, the dogs, or anyone else who just needs some fresh air.

4. Tubbs Hill - if you're from the area or visit often, you know that Tubbs Hill is in the heart of downtown Coeur d' Alene and a highly desirable tourist location. This is a very popular 2.4 mile loop that is relatively easy and well maintained. It has little trails that veer off to hidden beaches and plenty of shade for those hot summer days. During summer you'll find kids cliff jumping off the rocks, dogs swimming, people running/hiking, and tons of tourists & natives soaking up the expansive views of Lake CDA. I highly recommend Tubbs to anyone and everyone who is in the area. Start mid morning and then finish at Hudson's Burgers or go get an ice cream at Abi's and thank me later.

Funny story: I hike Tubbs multiple times each Spring/Summer but never ever take Jax out of our backpack while hiking until this trip with my step dad. Well we wanted to get pictures, let him eat some snacks, etc. HUGE MISTAKE FRIENDS. Now that he walks all over the place, all he wanted to do was run around, which would be totally okay if we were on relatively flat ground. But this situation was not ideal for a toddler and he was extremely pissed when we put him back in the backpack. Moral of this story, I do not recommend freeing the toddler unless you plan to stay and play. They will want to fearlessly run wild until they are free cause apparently toddlers don't need no mama. Who knew?

Next hikes on the bucket list:

Canfield Mountain

Mickinnick Trail Head 13

Scotchman Peak

Cougar Bay

Bowl + Pitcher

Happy hiking friends!

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