Levi's Birth Story

I can't believe I had my second little guy during a global pandemic. Amongst the chaos, sickness, and sheer panic around the world, God saved Levi for a special time when he knew we truly needed this little bundle of joy.

As we entered the "stay at home" order, I didn't leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I was terrified of catching COVID-19 before delivery or even having it while I was in labor. I tried to remain as level headed as possible, but when my doctor told me that if I were to catch the virus, I would need to be separated from my baby for 2 weeks. It wrecked my mama heart. The thought of being separated from my boys for two weeks brought me to tears. I hated it. I don't have much anxiety, but that shook me.

So I stayed home, took all extreme measures, and quite frankly it was a true blessing in disguise. The days leading up to Levi's arrival were all days filled with quality 1-1 time with Jaxon. Those are memories he may not remember, but I forever will. I held on to those little hugs a little longer (still do), read him one more book, went on one more walk, just took the time to be fully present with him.

Near the end of my pregnancy, I was experiencing back labor and knew that he had flipped over, sunny side up. This happened with Jax and it made me nervous for the delivery because I remember how incredibly painful it was to flip him back into the proper position. I had Jax 3 days early and was expecting to have Levi a few days early as well. However, once my due date (April 12th) had come and gone, I was beyond ready to have our sweet boy and no longer be pregnant.

During my 39 week checkup, my doctor warned me that it would be very likely that I would only be allowed one support person with me during delivery and my entire stay at the hospital. No visitors, no exceptions. It was hard to hear that Jax wouldn't be able to meet his little brother right away, but would have to wait a few more days. In my eyes these days felt like years. Although I understand why these rules are in place and think the hospital did an amazing job, it still made it difficult to have to wait even longer for the boys to meet.

The day after my due date, we had my mom take Jax for a few days and Tucker's mom take the pups. This way if little Levi decided he wanted to make his appearance in the middle of the night, everyone would be ready to go instead of trying to make it happen at 3 am. As my back pain came and went, we decided to head down to the hospital that night around 9 pm to get checked out and see if they would just admit me since I was past my due date.

They checked me out and I was dilated to a 3 but my contractions were not consistent enough for them to admit me at the time. They recommended that we take some laps around labor and delivery to see if anything would progress. Fast forward an hour as I mindlessly scrolled through Instagram in our triage room, we heard this woman come in next to us literally about to pop a baby out. She could barely talk, but we heard her say she was in labor for 4 DAYS. You guys, they were totally about to call my bluff. Tuck immediately looked at me and said: "Pack your stuff, they are without a doubt sending us home." LOL

Sure enough, they sent us home at 11 pm. We hit up McDonald's for one last milkshake, went home, got some sleep, and decided to try again the next day. I cleaned the house, went for a walk, we got lunch, and then the contractions started. They were about 7-10 mins apart for an hour when we decided to go back in around 12:30 pm. The nurse checked me out and said I was dilated to a 4 and that they would admit me since there was progress from the night before. (Side note, that nurse worked at the same hospital I was born at in CA...small world right?!)

I was admitted at 1 pm and was experiencing mild back labor but still painful enough to make me stop talking mid-sentence. I asked for an epidural multiple times because your girl has 0 pain tolerance. They gave me one at 3 pm and my blood pressure immediately dropped. I had the shakes and felt like I was going to faint multiple times. Shoutout to Tuck for being my rock, because I was starting to panic. I hate when I feel like I am not in control of my body or when I feel sick. I immediately melt into a baby myself. By 4:15 they got my BP leveled out and started the Pitocin.

It was fantastic. I was in zero pain, eating a popsicle (apparently the same time Jax was at Grandma's house) and watching tv. I mean what better way to calm yourself down than by watching Alaskan Bush people and Keeping up with the Kardashians?

By 5:15 I felt my water break and called the nurse back in. She told me it was nearly time to push and called the doctor. By 5:30 it was go time. Three pushes and 5 mins later, our little man came into the world and forever changed our lives. Watching Dad cry as he held his little boy melted my heart all over again.

It was beautiful and so perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Two hours later they moved us over to a Postpartum recovery room, but not before we got to ring the bell. This bell rings throughout the hospital sharing with everyone that a new baby was born. So simple yet so special. Attention world, little Levi is here!!

The recovery this time around has been a breeze with no tears and no after pain. If you read my Anatomy Scan Scaries, you know that Levi has a T-10 Hemivertebrae, which means one-half of the vertebrae is not fully fused with his spine. After birth, they checked him out and said it looks like it was an incidental finding. He is totally healthy and shouldn't have any issues with it except for some minor scoliosis when he's older. This was the best news we could hope for. We are beyond obsessed with our little man and the relationship the two brothers have already.

You guys, I still can't believe I get to call these boys mine!! Over. The. Moon.

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