Oh Deere, Jax is Two!

I swear time flies by faster for parents than anyone else. This past week my little guy turned 2 years old! **Cue all the tears** He is brilliant, feisty, hilarious, and extremely expressive. He wears his emotions on his face (just like his mama), loves the outdoors, and is obsessed with all animals.

Over the past year he has hiked many miles strapped to my back, spent many mornings chasing chickens around the ranch, and has been kissing more girls than his dad has in his lifetime. (I have a feeling this will be an issue come kindergarten).

But like most little boys, he is obsessed with tractors, so it was only appropriate to throw him a John Deere themed birthday. We agreed early on that we would need to wear him out so he would nap before his birthday party. Because if you have a toddler, you know how crucial naps are and how they pretty much determine what mood they will be in. As I was getting things ready inside, I looked out the window to see Dad coaching Jax on how to ride his Strider bike. Of course I had to run out and snap a picture, Jax was so proud of himself and was so excited to be able to cruise on over to Dad.

Anywho, here are some pictures from his special day!

For those of you looking for birthday ideas, here are some JD theme

food suggestions:

1. Tractor tires: Oreos

2. Barn Buns: Ham Sliders (not pictured, because they were devoured in 2 seconds)

3. Jaxon's Orchard: Apples

4. Vegetable Garden: Veggies

5. Hay Bales: Rice Crispy Treats

We also bought 4 NY pizzas from Papa Murphy's which were also a huge hit!

(scroll to the bottom to see how he really feels about turning two)

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