Open Letter To My Son

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Just like that my whole world became a little brighter.

My Sweet Boy,

For months I anxiously awaited the day I would finally get to meet you. I spent most of those days trying to imagine everything about you. Everything from your personality to your looks to your likes to your dislikes to your dreams and to your passions. I could never still my mind, it was constantly anticipating your arrival and I was so excited.

The day finally came and within moments of your first breath you filled voids in my heart that I didn't know existed. You made my heart whole again. I was mesmerized with your smooth skin, perfectly round eyes, and sweet demeanor.

You brought this overwhelming, unconditional love into my heart that I have never before experienced. It was a new kind of love, something I still can't quite describe. A patient, protective kind of love, one that is unconditional and knows no bounds.

You may not remember the moments that I hold so dear to my heart, but I sure will. From celebrating small victories on the changing table to watching you reach physical milestones, I was and always will be your biggest fan. I will forever remember the quiet mornings watching you sleep, growing before my eyes.

The long nights filled with tears, both your eyes and mine. Slow dancing in the kitchen one meal at a time. Whispering "I love you" as you tightly hold my face with your chubby little hands. Praying over you each night as you sleep on my chest, your breath matching mine.

I will always adore your curiosity, love for animals, and your ability to make anyone in the room smile. You are a constant light in this dark world and every night I thank God for blessing me with the sweetest little boy. You may not remember these sweet memories, but they will forever be my favorite stories to tell.

You are SO loved,


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